Ascending the Qiongshan Mountain Group

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2019-11-22 00:00

On November 15, 2019, our company organized a happy group of mountain climbing and barbecue to relax. There is also a day of rest after work. Respect and love the post, and have the mood to look forward in unity.

The purpose is to eat well, play well, and rest well. In order to be happier in future work, forget the pressure. Better contribute to the big family of Tongtai.


Therefore, the main purpose of our group building is to allow employees to relax and feel the joy of work and life in the group in addition to the intense work.

The scenery along the "top of Wuzhong" in Qiongqiang Mountain is very beautiful. The happiest way to climb the mountain is to overcome the tiredness of the body and eventually reach the top of the mountain. How can you take less photos when you are so happy?


Down the mountain, eating barbecue, it's time to show your strength. There are some episodes in the process of grilling, such as undercooked and grilled food. These will not affect everyone's good mood. The cooperation is well organized and getting better.

Soon the day passed, and everyone was very happy. What the team builds is the activities of unity, win-win cooperation, relaxation, and cultivation of dedication and love. Everyone treats work like everyone in the event, contributes their own strengths, and connects and communicates with each other. This work will be very happy and complete. I believe that the future of Tongtai will be better and better. Create a better tomorrow together.