World's First High-Current PV Junction Box Certification: Suzhou UKT New Energy Technology achieves 30A-rated split PV junction box from DEKRA, for use in 166/210mm large-wafer modules

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2020-04-21 00:00

With adoption of 166, 210mm large-wafer cells and modules, PV modules can now achieve 500W, bringing us one step closer to grid parity .

But the larger surface of large wafers brings not only higher efficiency and power, the module current also continues to increase. Recently, Suzhou UKT New Energy Technology has achieved DEKRA certification body’s world’s first 30A-rated triple-split junction box certification.

This split junction box comprises the latest generation of integrated diode package, which under high-current (far greater than the industry-norm of (18A) has low heat generation. and excellent thermal runaway properties. The product not only fulfills IEC 62790:2014 PV junction box requirements, it vastly improves upon standard junction boxes in performance and reliability, Used in PV modules. in particular 166/210 large-wafer, TOPCon, HIT, bifacial and other high-current modules, it achieves a new level of operating safety and reliability.

Mr. Chengli Bai, Director of DEKRA East & South Asia PV, notes: “Suzhou UKT uniquely combines patented integrated diode package and a dedicated design team. This introduction of 30A-rated junction box product can better meet the needs of large-wafer, high-current modules, and ensure long-term reliability during operation. From today, we will embark on yet more cooperation with Suzhou UKT, to help domestic PV companies lead the world.”


Mr. Xiaojun Tai, General Manager of Suzhou UKT New Energy Technology, remarks: “Accelerating achievement of grid parity is the collective goal of the entire PV industry. Recently, increasing the wafer size has indeed greatly reduced the cost of modules. But this has brought other related technical problems. For example, the rated current of standard junction boxes is too low, and unable to meet the operational reliability demands of high-current modules. Addressing this industry need, UKT organized an R&D team which by comprehensively considering all aspects of power device design, manufacturing and end-use application, developed a product with key competitive features, and which ensures modules using 166-210 large-wafers will continue to have long-term operational reliability.”