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R&D Engineer (Structural Design Direction)


Junior college


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in mechanical or electromechanical engineering;

2. More than three years' experience in structural design;

3. Skilled application of SolidWorks and AutoCAD;

4. understand the processing characteristics of various materials, understand the sheet metal, extrusion, injection molding, die casting and other production processes. 

5. Experience in sheet metal and injection molding structure design in electronic industry is preferred; 

6, have a basic understanding of safety requirements. 
Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the design of product structural parts, BOM establishment, etc.

2. Be responsible for testing and verifying the performance of product structural parts. 

R&D Engineer (Device Development Direction)




Job responsibilities:

1) Design of device structure, simulation, test and analysis of relevant device characteristic parameters, and optimization of device performance;

2) Establish a test program to characterize the relevant parameters of the device, and analyze the influence of process fluctuation on the device characteristics; 

3) Process integration, reliability and other departments cooperate to formulate and implement the slide scheme; 

4) Improve chip yield, device performance and reliability; 

5) Be responsible for the research and development of new device technology and the advance exploration of cutting-edge technology. 

6) Skilled application of SolidWorks and AutoCAD;

Job requirements:

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in semiconductor, microelectronics, materials, chemical engineering, physics and other related fields; 

2) Familiar with the integrated circuit manufacturing process, familiar with the basic principles of semiconductors, and skilled in experimental design and data analysis. 

Experience in device development, circuit design or senior TD PIE is preferred; 

3) Have a certain ability to learn and understand, judge and analyze, and have 

4) Serious working attitude, team spirit and positive communication. 

R&D Engineer (Micro Inverter Development)




Job responsibilities: 

1. Be responsible for the development of inverter embedded software, and be familiar with the development environment and peripherals of TI DSP, CPLD, FPGA, ARM, GD and other chips; 

2. Be responsible for debugging and testing the embedded software of inverter; 

3. Be responsible for on-site debugging related to product software; 

4. Cooperate with the certification and debugging of multinational safety regulations, and assist the testing department to complete the certification. 

Job requirements: 

1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering, automation, power electronics, electronic information, communication electronics;

2. Have a solid control theory foundation, be familiar with software architecture, grid connection, energy storage and other inverter-related algorithms;

3. Experience in modeling and model simulation of MATLAB/SIMULINK; 

4. Working in power supply, UPS and photovoltaic industry for 3 years or above is preferred. 


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