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QE Engineer


Junior college


1. More than three years' experience in customer quality management;

2. Be responsible for handling customer complaints, leading the quality meeting review, tracking and confirming the implementation progress of improvement measures, and making 8D reports to customers; 

3. Be responsible for daily customer visits, relationship maintenance, monitoring and collection of inspection standards and requirements, and continuous improvement of delivery quality; 

4. Be responsible for solving the quality problems in the process of product production, dealing with quality anomalies and leading quality improvement;

5. Be proficient in quality management tools, such as MAS, SPC, FMEA and OC; 

6. Be proficient in using office and have certain English reading and writing skills; 

7. Possessing excellent judgment, strong communication and coordination skills, both oral and written expression proficiency.

Quality Assurance SQE+QS


Junior college



1. More than three years' experience in quality system and process management. Lead the establishment of IATF16949 system documents and internal and external audit, be familiar with ISO 9001: 2015, and have experience in process optimization and import is preferred;

2. Have practical experience in internal audit, external audit, customer audit and other third-party audits. 

3. Be proficient in office software;

4. Strong language expression ability and word processing ability;

5. Formulate and organize the implementation of the rules and regulations of the company's relevant documents and working materials; 

6. Supervision and implementation of countersignature, review, numbering and distribution of controlled documents; 


1. Have more than three years' experience in supplier management (quality improvement experience), be proficient in using SPC, FMEA, MSA, APOP, PPAP, 8D and other tools to analyze and solve problems. 

2. Tracking and handling of abnormal analysis of supplier material production line and customer end; 

3. QSA, QPA and GP audit of new suppliers; 

4. Annual audit of qualified suppliers, daily counseling;

5. Have certain English reading and writing skills and clear logical thinking; 

6. Be fair and just, with good communication skills, able to cooperate with the company to work overtime. 

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