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Automation Equipment Engineer




1. Mainly responsible for the maintenance of non-standard automation equipment, assisting the PLC programming of new equipment, and improving the automation degree, efficiency qualification rate and safety of production line; Develop non-standard tooling and dies related to production, R&D, technology and testing;
2. Selection and procurement of new equipment electrical accessories and important auxiliary accessories, tolerance design of non-standard tooling, external processing, progress tracking, assembly and commissioning; 
3. Repair and maintenance of electronic and electrical parts of automation equipment. 
4. Installation and commissioning of production equipment, preparation of IQ plans and reports, communication of development projects and tracking of project progress. 
Job requirements: 

1. Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or automation engineering, with more than 1 year of related working experience; 

2. Demonstrated strong communication skills, collaboration attitude and innovative thinking, as well as strong resilience to pressure; 

3. Prior experience in equipment maintenance and non-standard development is preferred. 

Mechanical Design Engineer




Engaged in mechanical design engineer, mechanical specialty. Be familiar with electronic products, general equipment and process flow. Be proficient in PCB design software and expertise in mechanical design software such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Capable of structural design.

Job responsibilities: 

1. Be responsible for the structural design of mechanical processing and tool products, including external and internal structure and tooling design, to make sure the products satisfy the criteria of reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and cost-effectiveness.

2. According to the needs of the market and production, put forward improvement plans for product design and implement them in a timely manner. 

3. Carry out the reliability experiment of the structural parts of the product, and performing evaluation and verification of the parts and the risk analysis of the product structure. 

4. Promptly finish the relevant design technical documentation. 1. Be responsible for mechanical structure design, drawing and listing of non-standard projects; 

5. Be responsible for the mechanical structure optimization of the previous project, put forward standard opinions, and archive the 3D changes; 

6. Assist in electrical debugging. 

7. Be responsible for the standardization improvement of machines with standardization prospect, and make drawings for archiving. 

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